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In the past four years, AHRC, Nassau switched gears and separated into four separate sister agencies to provide a more focused approach to the different needs of individuals receiving supports and services.  The four new agencies are AHRC, Nassau, Citizens, The Brookville Center for Children’s Services and the Advantage Diagnostic and Care Clinic.  These four sister agencies work closely together to provide supports and services to individuals throughout their lifespan. 

Citizens was incorporated in 1982 and was re-established in September of 2009 as one of the four agencies mentioned above.  Today, Citizens provides supports and services to individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in the areas of Medicaid Service Coordination, residential opportunities, family support services and respite. Of every dollar Citizens receives, 95 cents goes directly to programs supporting people with developmental disabilities. To see a full breakdown of our expenses, click here and here


With family and community engagement, Citizens empowers people to live the life they choose. Empower – Enrich - Elevate

The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) recognized Citizens in 2011 as a COMPASS agency, making it one of only seven agencies in New York State to achieve this status. Earlier this year, Citizens joined an elite group of agencies in New York State accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) for its focus on person-centered excellence. Citizens believes that when individuals, staff and families come together and work as a team great things happen. 

In September of 2012, Citizens began the process of CQL accreditation and began working toward person centered excellence.  Citizens MSC department works closely with four personal outcome trainers to assist individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in defining their personal goals and dreams and developing a life plan that includes natural supports, community supports and choice of service provision options.  Since the start of this project great personal outcomes have been established by individuals with support networks working to support them in the achievement of their goals. Citizens looks forward to working closely with you and your family members to assist in goal achievement and realization of dreams.

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