Administrative Offices:
Stanfort Perry, Executive Director
Barry Donowitz, PhD, Associate Executive Director
Christopher J. O’Connor, Associate Executive Director
189 Wheatley Road, Brookville, NY 11545
Tel: (516) 626-1000
Fax: 516-626-1493
Compliance Hotline:          View Whistleblower Policy
Reports of suspected employee misconduct (e.g. illegal, unethical or criminal behavior) can be made to:
or by contacting:
Eric Rosen:  Compliance Officer
(516) 293-1111 ext. 5506
All reports of misconduct will be investigated.
Carolyn Ciatto, Senior Director 516-293-2016 Ext.5376
Roberta Romano, Director
Community Residential Program and Residential Respite Program
516-293-2016 Ext.5113
Marta Garavito, Director  
Intermediate Care Facilities
516 367-2740
Zania Ledwidge, Director 
Medicaid Service Coordination
516-293-2016 Ext.5690
Savita Sharma, Director  
Camp Loyaltown Summer Respite and Year-Round Camp Respite
516-293-2016 Ext.5612
Kevin Wilber, Assistant Director
Self-Directed Services and Personal Outcome Trainers
516-293-2016 Ext.5370
Heidi Klewicki, Assistant Director 
ComeUnity Sports and Recreation Program
516-293-2016 Ext.5619