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We will be updating this page throughout the week with inspirational stories from our
Direct Support Professional community.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Pereira

About Me

While working in a residential home, I recently completed my R.N. with the help of a flexible schedule and the Tuition Reimbursement Program. It almost paid for itself. I’m now a new nurse at an AHRC sister agency, Citizens Options Unlimited.


I remember being out with people in AHRC’s program and folks coming up to me and thanking me for doing this job. I guess that’s nice but the truth of it is, if only they knew how much, the people I supported changed my life for the better.

Proud Moment

Graduating with an advanced degree while working full time as a mother of two.

What I Enjoyed Most

I loved developing relationships with people who lived in the house. I’ll miss them. My favorite time of day was always when they’d come home from work, and tell me about what happened, how they felt and ask my advice.

Learning About What Matters

For me, some of the most beautiful moments were being able to be there when people passed on or help their families through the transition. Just being able to share an experience with them and thair family was truly inspiring.

Great Memories
The Bronx Zoo

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