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Reflecting On A Brother-Sister Bond During Autism Acceptance Month

A photo of David walking Hallie down the aisle at her wedding
David walked Hallie down the aisle for her wedding in Las Vegas in 2017 surrounded by close friends and family.

Board President Hallie Klein recounts memories with her brother, David Greene

There was a time when Citizens Options Unlimited Board President Hallie Klein only knew one person with autism.

“He’s my big brother,” Hallie said of her brother, David Greene. “Back in the 90s, I was the only person I knew who had a loved one with autism.”

A photo of David at a concert with drumsticks from the performer.
Front row at the Journey concert at UBS and Journey’s drummer, Dean Castronova, gave David his drumsticks at the end of the show!

Today, autism, as well as other intellectual and developmental disabilities, have become a central part of Hallie’s life. She has been serving on committees and boards in the agency’s network since 2006. David, who has been receiving services for 30 years, now lives in a community-based group home.

Even though autism was not well known in the Floral Park community, where Hallie and David grew up, the community embraced them all.

“My parents were great about integrating him into the community,” Hallie said. “My friends were my brother’s friends and they have a relationship to this day.”

David, who recently celebrated his 49the birthday, continues to be a social butterfly. He enjoys activities, such as yoga and bowling.

David is also a devoted uncle to his sisters’ children.  “If there is one thing I learned from my brother, it’s to get out there and take changes,” shared Hallie.

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