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CCO Information

All documents requested for the programs must be received in order for the person to start. Care Managers can email all lifeplans to .

Life Plans must have Citizens Options Unlimited listed in section 4 as respite.

The Provider Assigned Goal in Section III- it must state: to give caregiver/family relief. This may also be included in the narrative.

Broker Information

Please send all Direct Provider Purchases for review to

Our rates are as follows:

Our Site based program is offered on Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays from 4pm-9pm.

Saturdays & Sundays 9am-4pm.

Day Units per day
Tuesday 20
Thursday 20
Friday 20
Saturday 28
Sunday 28


Our Virtual Program is currently offered on Mondays -Thursdays 4pm -9pm with breaks in between.

Saturdays from 10am -9pm with breaks in between.

Day Units per day
Monday 16
Tuesday 16
Wednesday 16
Thursday 16
Saturday 30

Our Partners

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