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Dancing the Night Away at Shoreham

Bi-Monthly Friday Night Dances at Shoreham ICF Bring Together Residents and Staff

Music, singing, and laughter could be heard from outside the Rosewood Building at the Shoreham Intermediate Care Facility (ICF).

Shoreham residents Scott Ardus, Kevin McHugh and Matthew Sullivan enjoy the dance together
Scott Ardus, Kevin McHugh and Matthew Sullivan enjoyed jamming to the music together

In groups, residents and staff members joined the party, entering through door streamers. The party, which featured classic pop hits and karaoke, went from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The party is a chance for everyone to let loose and dance with each other, or to just relax, listen to music and watch the fun. The party is adaptive and inclusive, allowing everyone to express themselves within their comfort levels.

“It’s fun,” Maura Boden, Program Coordinator, said. “We’re just hanging out and having fun, and dancing, and singing, and karaoke.”

Some guests started off feeling shy, sitting on the sidelines, and watching. But with the encouragement of fellow guests, as well as the positive spirit of Maura, they joined the dancing.

A Shoreham resident sings with a staff member.
Udo Lieske and Maura Boden sang and danced together.

“Everyone can just be,” Maura said. “Everyone’s just here to have fun. It’s easy. Someone can come in for five minutes, do their thing, or  leave if they want. Returning is always an option. .  . You see the personalities come out. You can dance or not dance. You can enjoy the music.”

These dances have been taking place for approximately six months, with some of the Friday Night Dances having themes: such as Winter Wonderland, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Sock Hop.

“Even the toughest customer… after a while you see a smile,” Maura said. “I have the best job ever. I get to do all the fun stuff.”

The Shoreham ICF has been developing programming aimed at engaging its residents at home and within the broader Shoreham community.  These dances are a key component upon which they will be building out additional experiences and opportunities.

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