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Below, you will find an initial list of actions we will pursue to implement the DEI strategies and objectives outlined in the Strategic Framework. The actions are organized under CITIZENS’s three main DEI strategies. Several actions relate to more than one of the three strategies. We indicate these instances. All items are coded by the timeframe anticipated as defined above. You will additionally see completed items identified in this document.

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Attract, retain, and develop a diverse workforce at all levels so that CITIZENS reflects the populations in which we operate.

2023 – ongoing 1.1.1 Diversify H/R Dept. to support multi-lingual communication/cultural understanding.
By the end of 2023 1.1.2 Incorporate cultural competencies into all job descriptions to attract and identify individuals with the commitment and skills to enhance Citizens’ organizational capabilities and promote service excellence.
2023 Q3 1.1.3 Create a community outreach plan to broaden where we advertise, to whom and in what languages.
By the end of 2023 1.1.4 Create Development Program for Non-English Speaking Candidates/New Hires
By the end of 2023 1.1.5 Review job descriptions to remove unnecessary qualifications that may create disparate treatment of BIPOC applicants.
2023 Q2 1.1.6 Make Citizens’ website translatable and review to ensure inclusive language is used throughout.
By the end of 2023 1.1.7 Continue work developing Board recruitment goals and a strategy that model Citizens’ commitment to leadership diversity and nontraditional representation at senior levels of the organization.
2023 – ongoing 1.1.8 Implement DE&I training for the Board.
2023 Q4 1.2.1 Gather and review data that seeks to help Citizens understand and improve the culture of the organization for diverse staff.
2023 – ongoing 1.2.2 Form a board diversity committee of the Board to support the Board’s commitment to DE&I policy and action through advisement and monitoring.
2023 – ongoing 1.2.3 Celebrate Employee’s Diversity
2023 – ongoing 1.3.1 Establish career development plan (Training, new technical skills, conferences, communication)
2023 Q3 1.3.2 Develop mentorship program by group skill set areas and individual 1:1 with scheduled follow-up.
2023 Q4 1.3.3 Develop training curriculums in multiple languages.
2023 – ongoing 1.3.4 Develop comprehensive DEI training for new and existing employees.
2023 – ongoing 1.3.5 Provide ESL courses for employees.

Transform the organizational culture so that staff members, people supported, and partners, particularly those who are absent, marginalized, and underrepresented, will experience CITIZENS as the diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

2023 – ongoing 2.1.1 Develop an organizational imperative that clearly articulates the value of bringing a DE&I lens to the organization and its work
2023 – ongoing 2.1.2 Foster ownership for DE&I work by creating Employee Resource Groups to create a conduit for information flow between employees and management and build commitment to creating organizational change.
By end of 2023 2.2.1 Create an education and learning strategy that supports staff learning about DE&I, the history and legacy of structural inequity and racism, how to have meaningful dialogue on diversity and isms, and skills to engage in effective outreach with diverse communities.
2023 – Q3 2.2.2 Reimagine existing Agency training material (orientation, AMAP, SCIP etc) to encompass various modalities of learning including the development of written curriculum in various languages for those who may benefit from material presented in a way that they are better able to learn.
2024 2.2.3 Reimagine DEI 4-day training online and face to face.
By end of 2023 2.2.4 Reimagine Citizens Web site to include translation into various languages and include digital accessibility to include Careers portal.
2023 Q1 2.3.1 Build a communication strategy that indicates how DE&I message can be shared with the staff, partners, people with I/DD and their families, and the broader community, using media and publications serving diverse communities.
2023 Q2 2.3.2 Create a diversity advisory committee comprised of staff, management, partners, and families to monitor progress toward the organization’s diversity goals.
2023 Q3 2.3.3 Develop and implement a DEI Mission Statement to include Code of Conduct for inclusion in agency Handbook, Web Site and distribute to employees with a sign off.

Expand culturally competent programs and services, highlighting Citizens DEI commitment with an external focus on people supported, families, and partners.

2023 Q2 3.1.1 Develop action plan to Incorporate feedback into our programs.
2023 Q3 3.1.2 Deploy outreach strategies that identify local/national organizations that represent and serve diverse communities to create partnerships that the organization can build on.
By end of 2023 3.1.3 Establish criteria that can be used to select and nurture mutually beneficial and reciprocal external partnerships that reinforce and fulfill Citizens’ commitment to its DE&I principles and goals.
By end of 2023 3.1.4 Develop an outreach plan to infuse DEI principles for families of people supported.
2023 Q2 and Q3 3.2.1 Develop and maintain a plan to host a multicultural event that grows our partnerships with minority owned businesses.
2023 Q2 3.2.2 Develop baseline data of existing “partnerships” the agency holds with the community.
End of 2024 – ongoing 3.2.3 Reimagine Citizens Web site to include translation into various languages and include digital accessibility to include Careers portal.
End of 2024 3.2.4 Create new community engagement opportunities for people served from expanded partnerships.
2023 Q2 3.3.1 Develop baseline data of all active/current suppliers and vendors.
2023 – ongoing 3.3.2 Prioritize diverse and Minority owned vendors and partners when possible.
By the end of 2023 3.3.3 Deploy outreach strategies to discover and engage new vendor to fulfil our DEI goals

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