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Our goal is to become the culturally competent, human service organization of choice for all people who value diversity, equity, and inclusion in the IDD community.

Areas of Focus

To enact measurable change over time, our work in DEI will focus on growing the areas of strength and improving in the areas of deficit identified in our needs assessment and the DEI strategic process.


Creating sustainable spaces for the composition, growth, and retention of diverse staff at all levels are directly tied to Citizen’s success in reaching our DEI goals specifically and its strategic goals more generally.


Using the lens of DEI to inform our work, interactions, and engagement. Embedding DEI principles into our organization through programs, transparent and equitable policies, and inclusive behaviors while influencing our environments and community.


Ensuring we can support a diverse I/DD community in and outside the organization through culturally competent partnerships, trainings, workshops, and events.

Our Partners

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