What is the Family Reimbursement Program?

The Family Reimbursement Program is intended to assist the family caring for their family member with a developmental disability. The funds are designated to assist with increased expenses directly related to the disability and thereby enhance family stability and preserve family unity. The goods and services provided should have a significant, definable, positive impact on the individual/family directly related to health, safety, emotional well-being and normalization of life, as well as, accessibility to needed services and the personal growth and development of the individual. Priority will be given to those goods and services which directly address health and safety issues. In order to service as many families as possible, a new application must be submitted each fiscal year with priority given to first-time applicants.

Who is eligible for Family Reimbursement? How can I become eligible for Family Reimbursement?

Individuals who have OPWDD eligibility and live at home with family (biological, adoptive or extended) are eligible to apply. Individuals living alone are not eligible to apply. Individuals living in foster care are also not eligible to apply. Families may be eligible to receive up to $1000.00 for approved expenses per fiscal year.

For more information regarding family reimbursement programs,
contact Loretta Goldson (516) 293-2016 ext. 5610.