Spending time away from a loved one with special needs is not always easy. Knowing you can leave your family member with caring and dedicated professionals in a safe and friendly environment can give you peace of mind.

Citizens provides crisis respite services to up to six people at a time, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Citizens provides respite services to include overnight stays to both children and adults that are waiver eligible.

Citizens crisis respite home has staff trained in positive behavioral supports and behavior management strategies as well as staff who are certified in:

  • SCIP-R
  • AMAP
  • CPR
  • G-tube feedings
  • Insulin administration

This allows Citizens respite to provide services to those with behavioral and medical challenges. This is often a group that struggles most to get service provision and are often turned away from other respites. Citizens respite staff work closely with you and your family member to ensure that their stay with us is the next best thing to being home with you.

For more information regarding Citizens crisis respite, contact Roberta Romano at (516) 293-1111.