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Camp Loyaltown Leads Representation for Special Needs Camps at ACA Tri-State Conference

Camp Loyaltown Assistant Director Jerri Walker and Behavior Intervention Specialist Caroline O’Brien presented on how to welcome campers with special needs to typical camps at last week’s American Camp Association (ACA) Tri-State Conference in Atlantic City on Monday, March 9.

To a group of 3,300 of their peers, Walker and O’Brien offered insight on how typical camps can address the needs of campers with special needs during the presentations — “Age Appropriate and Choice-Based Programming for Special Needs Campers” and “Demystifying Camper Behavior.”

These topics focused on the core areas of choice-based learning, where learners have greater control over the way their interests, backgrounds, and preferences work together to enhance their learning.

Camp Loyaltown’s team was accompanied by neighboring Camp Huntington Program Director, Dylan Sloan.

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