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Self-Advocates Rally for Disability and Human Rights

Self-advocates across our agency came together for a Rights Rally on November 2. The Rights Rally is an interactive way for people supported by our agency to learn about human and disability rights like safety, choice, and privacy. The rally was organized by Karen Hirschfeld, Director of Compass/QI, and Colleen Tapia, Compass and Quality Enhancement Administrator.

Self-advocates pose for a photo at the rights rally“The rights rally is an annual celebration of people exercising their rights,” Colleen Tapia said. “We want people to know their rights and use them to access the broader community.”

In attendance was the Citizens Personal Outcome Measures (POM) department and Wheatley Farms Arts Center, that were advertising community classes and accepting write-ins for class suggestions. At the event, attendees got to listen to motivational speakers, play games, and walk around to educational booths.

“The rights rally is always a favorite of mine because you get to connect with lots of people,” Noah Probert, a self-advocate that uses Citizens Self-Direction and Family Support Services (FSS), said.

This year’s Advocate of the Year 2023 was awarded to Devon Rivera, current Vice President of the Citizens Residential Council and resident at the Manor Road group home.

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