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Meet Camp Loyaltown’s Christian Moncayo

I am Christian Camilo Dussan Moncayo, hailing from the breathtaking country of Colombia. I pursued Law in my homeland and hold two postgraduate degrees in Constitutional and Family Law. Over the course of threePhoto of Christian Moncayo remarkable, challenging, and immensely rewarding summers, I had the privilege of working at Camp Loyaltown. Reflecting on my camp experience, I undertook an array of roles, including counselor, lifeguard, camp connections counselor, and head of waterfront. These diverse positions afforded me invaluable insights into life, prompting me to seize every opportunity to further pursue my aspirations.

This year, I proudly accepted the opportunity to extend this dream, becoming the beneficiary of a J1 18-month Trainee Visa. Currently, I serve as a Training Coordinator, eager to contribute my expertise, experiences, and knowledge acquired over the years to assist campers and counselors alike in the best possible manner.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an avid reader. I firmly believe that this hobby has rescued me countless times, enriching both my life and soul. I wholeheartedly advocate for the joys and benefits of reading to all.

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