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Meet Camp Loyaltown’s Luis Dalpiva

Photo of Luis DalpivaHello, my name is Luis Dalpiva. I am from the beautiful country of Mexico; I graduated as a Physical Therapist in 2022.

I started working at Loyaltown in 2018 as a cabin counselor and then I kept coming back every year I could. During the summers of 2019, 2022 and 2023 I played the roles of Cabin Leader, Unit Head and BHS support.

My role this year is Training Coordinator of Staffing and Programing and I looking forward to helping camp, staff and campers to have a very happy and successful summer this year. I’m excited to work together with my team and to use my experience from previous years while making improvements along the journey.

I am participating in an 18-month visa which allows me to work in the country during that period. I chose this opportunity because I want to improve on the skills I have been learning these years at Camp Loyaltown. I believe this will help me in my personal growth, and I plan to take everything I learn back home when the period ends. I also want to learn the most I can about Camp, Citizens and AHRC and how they benefit and support a lot of families in the community.

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