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Meet Camp Loyaltown’s Training Coordinators

People from all around the world travel to Camp Loyaltown, located in the picturesque community of Hunter, NY, every year to serve our wonderful campers.

They can work at camp on a J-1 Visa, meant for people to participate in work-and-study-based exchange visitor programs.

During their time at Camp Loyaltown, counselors can build their resume, meet people from around the world, learn the person-centered approach to caring for others, travel anywhere in the United States for 30 days after the program ends, and so much more!

Meet Luis Dalpiva and Christian Camilo Dussan Moncayo
Luis Dalpiva and Christian Camilo Dussan Moncayo are two counselors who have continued to return to Camp Loyaltown to help create a wonderful experience for campers. They have both eagerly accepted the J1 18-month Trainee Visa for this year’s camp season.

Photo of Luis DalpivaLuis Dalpiva

Luis, hailing from the beautiful country of Mexico, graduated as a Physical Therapist in 2022 and has been working at Camp Loyaltown since 2018. He started off as a Cabin Counselor, later taking on roles such as Cabin Leader, Unit Head and BHS support. This year, Luis will be the Training Coordinator of Staffing and Programming.

“I believe this will help me in my personal growth, and I plan to take everything I learn back home when the period ends,” Luis said. “I also want to learn the most I can about Camp, Citizens and AHRC and how they benefit and support a lot of families in the community.”

Photo of Christian MoncayoChristian Camilo Dussan Moncayo

Christian, hailing from the breathtaking country of Colombia, holds two postgraduate degrees in Constitutional and Family Law. He will be returning to Camp Loyaltown for his fourth summer. So far, he has undertaken several roles, including Counselor, Lifeguard, Camp Connections Counselors and Head of Waterfront.

“These diverse positions afforded me invaluable insights into life, prompting me to seize every opportunity to further pursue my aspirations,” Christian said. He currently serves as Training Coordinator.

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