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Fun at the June Jubilee!

Residents and staff of Citizens Options Unlimited attended a party that was nothing short of a “jubilee.”

Residents and staff of Ontario Avenue wearing party accessories at the June Jubilee.
Residents and staff of Ontario Avenue donned their party accessories before heading to the dance floor.

Among the residences in attendance were Ontario Avenue in Plainview, Red Spring Lane in Glen Cove, Kirkland Drive in Greenlawn, and Fort Salonga Road in Northport.

The June Jubilee, held on June 11 and 12 at The Sterling in Bethpage, was a formal event hosted by Lynne Brewer, Community Liaison of AHRC Nassau, in honor of her sister, Diane, who loved to party during her lifetime. Lynne made it her mission in the past several years to throw “the most amazing party” so that people could reconnect, have fun and make new memories with friends.

“Everyone likes to party,” Lynne said. “So, I threw a party.”

Noah Probert wearing his party hat at the June Jubilee.
Noah Probert, Self-Advocate and Camp Loyaltown regular, put his party hat on.

The June Jubilee provided fun at every corner: from the giveaways of hats, inflatable guitars, and light-up glasses, a DJ playing pop hits of yesterday and today, games to play all around the room, a photo booth, cartoon drawings, and a catering with attendees ready to party.

Right after dinner, and a touching speech from Lynne, the dance floor became packed, filled with fun, joy, laughter and the blooming of new friendships.

Lynne raised money for the party by collecting recycled clothing and working with volunteers supported by AHRC Nassau Day Services. Lynne sold the remaining clothes to Saver’s thrift store. It took close to 200,000 pounds of clothes to make the June Jubilee possible, which further helped the environment by saving clothing from the landfill.

Lynne Brewer, event organizer, giving a speech at the June Jubilee
Lynne Brewer, event organizer, gave a touching speech and kicked off the dance party.

Farmingdale High School students also volunteered to assist with the event.

Citizens Options Unlimited residents dressed in their best suits and dresses, arriving at The Sterling in style. They enjoyed a catered dinner, seated with their roommates and staff, and checked out all the activities available at the party, including the photo booth. Once the music came on, many of the residents’ donned hats and light-up glasses before venturing over to the dance floor, where they danced the night away with staff and new friends.

What an amazing way to kick off the summer season!

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