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We are proud to offer Respite Weekend opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Hunter, NY year-round. The respite program allows for smaller groups of guests to enter a relaxed atmosphere where they can choose the fun social activities that they would like to participate in, while families and caregivers are afforded time to recharge.

How to apply:

Log in to your Bunk1 account to fill out an application for upcoming Respite Weekends.

What You Need to Know

  • Nursing will not always be available on site, but will be on-call. At these times only campers without medication may attend. On weekends where we have on site nursing staff, we will be able to take campers with medications.
  • All activities take place on camp grounds.
  • Overnight accommodations are slightly different than summer season. Guests and staff stay overnight in our state of the art Health Center.
  • Please review the unit chart for questions regarding the budget for this overnight program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, groups will be traveling by van from Brookville to Hunter.
Our pool is not open at this time.
At this time we do not have horseback riding, but we do have our nature barn open for animal care, featuring a very cute cow and goat!
Please contact our office at 516-626-1000 ext. 5141 so we can discuss this opportunity.
Please contact your Care Coordinator and Broker to place us back on your documents.
There will be weekends where there is no nurse present, but will be on-call. At these times only campers without medication may attend. There are times we will have a nurse present and we will be able to take campers with medication.
Medication will be dropped off at the same time the individual is dropped off.
We are following the guidance of CDC, DOH. Although it is recommended, it is not required at this time.
Our program will follow the current DOH, OPWDD, and CDC guidelines.
At this time, we will have a maximum group size of 8 with the addition of staff.
We are looking to ensure everyone has this opportunity, so once your family member has attended, they will join a waitlist where you will be called in the event of an opening in another session.
Guests can be dropped off at 1:00 p.m. on Friday and picked up at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.
At this time we are developing future dates but we do not have confirmation at this time.

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