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Citizens’ Strategic Planning Kicks Off; Seeks to Achieve Better Agency Outcomes

Citizens Options Unlimited renewed its commitment to its mission, vision and values, following the start of the new Strategic Planning Process for 2020-2023. Citizens’ Strategic Planning is a three-year process where nonprofit stakeholders evaluate how to best meet the needs of our community in the short and long term. Below we’ve shared the vision we are working toward with our mission, as well as the values informing the goals we are seeking to achieve.

Our Vision: A world where all people are valued.

Our Mission: Citizens supports people to live the lives they choose.

Our Values: At Citizens, we believe that:

  • Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Supports are best provided around people’s needs, desires and choices
  • A dedicated, compassionate and well-trained team provides exceptional supports
  • Open and honest communication builds trust
  • There is strength in diversity and inclusion
  • Sound business practices, financial stability and innovation promote success
  • Relationships with people and their families are vital to our success


  1. Strengthen brand awareness internally and externally and build consistent communication with key stakeholders of Citizens using social media and other platforms
  2. Improve recruitment, training and engagement to maintain committed staff through innovative strategies.
  3. Build organizational capacity to support quality and growth:
    1. Technology
    2. Research & development
    3. Services
    4. Structure

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